dp wellbeing

Small group classes, individual attention, expert tutors in the heart of  Broughty Ferry


dp wellbeing

Small group classes, individual attention, expert tutors in the heart of  Broughty Ferry


What if we told you that your body is designed to move with grace like a ballerina, fight like a ninja, climb trees like Tarzan, play with your grandchildren without losing your breath, run for buses without dripping in sweat, wake up in the morning overflowing with energy and go to bed without aching in every joint?

Your body can feel strong, flexible and balanced

We want to help you to achieve all your goals and we offer much more than just results. If you partner up with us and allow us to guide you, we will take you on a journey of physical discovery. You will begin to understand, nourish and reconnect with your physical self. No day or workout will be the same, and it will be fun! 


dp wellbeing is a multidisciplinary wellbeing centre

where you can develop body awareness with yoga, build strength with weight training, practice mindfulness and meditation, learn how to fuel your body with nutritious food and restore the elasticity of muscles with massage

Believe you can and you are halfway there.
— Theodore Roosevelt

what do we offer you?

what do we offer you?

semi-private personal training

We use yoga & personal training therapeutically. We always start with a non obligation consultation in which we assess the issue and identify ways to use different types of workouts,yoga, mindfulness and posture awareness therapeutically to help with the pain, range of movement limitations and other problems that may be bothering you.

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group training

Yoga is distinctly different from most forms of exercise, as it generates motion without causing strain or imbalances in the body. The advantage of joining the group classes is enjoying a constantly changing selection of asanas (yoga poses) with easier and harder options. The one hour classes allow time for moving, relaxing, breathing, stillness and some kick-ass, fun poses. Those classes are on a first come first served basis, you can preschedule your favourite classes 4 weeks in an advance and you can reuse your credit if you cancel them outwit the 24h cancelation policy. They are flexible and fun.

Visit our timetable to see what classes are running this week.

kids yoga

We offer Kids Yoga, Baby Yoga & Massage classes that your children can attend at our studio on Mondays and Fridays.

We also have pop-up kids classes at Gallery48 in Dundee. Go here to see the schedule.

We also have a DP Kids Yoga Outreach Programme, bringing the gift of yoga to Schools and groups. The programme integrates yoga and mindfulness into a learning experience with an approach that’s fun, empowering and fully capable of reaching ALL students.

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yoga @ work

Why not begin your work day refreshed and charged with energy? Why not try something different at lunchtime or at the end of the day? Yoga at work helps you to de-stress, focus and be more alert. Yoga sessions are fun, energising and calming. It's an ideal antidote to stress and a great way to improve the relationship between you and your colleagues, supporting teams and increasing motivation and efficiency.

Contact us for a bespoke offer at info@dpwellbeing.com

pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time but as the baby grows you may experience back pain, hip problems, respiratory issues and anxiety. Yoga is a wonderful preparation for later stages of pregnancy, labour, birth, and becoming a mother focusing on breathing awareness, grounding, posture, relaxation and movements for pregnancy and labour.

* we currently don't have any specific pregnancy yoga classes however all our teachers are trained in pregnancy yoga and are more than happy for your to join any of the beginners classes. We will make sure you are safe and comfortable.


nutrition & healthy eating

You can’t maintain your wellbeing without eating healthy, nutritious foods. Once you learn the basics, you'll find that eating healthy and staying active isn't so hard anymore. For us, nutrition always goes hand by hand with exercise, whether it’s yoga, bodywork or personal training.

Fuelling yourself with good food will give you the energy to conquer the world around you without feeling completely drained and lacking energy. This is especially important when finding your exercise time is difficult, making smart choices with your meals will help keep your body and mind in top shape. So when the choice is in front of you, choose the right food.


Massage therapy does wonders for providing relief from pain and improving mobility and flexibility. This rule apples to everybody, young, oder, athletes and those who prefer sofa. Massage therapy, when used in combination with yoga, helps in strengthening the surrounding muscles and gives an individual long lasting relief from pain.

A range of techniques and pressures are used according to how you are feeling physically and emotionally and what your body and mind require at the time, such as: deep, soft tissue or myofascial release manipulation, stretches, breath work or Hopi ear candling.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
— Eleanor Roosevelt