Incorporating New Foods and Habits

Incorporating new foods and habits is simple. Just give them a try. Preparing food fresh will always be far more beneficial that prepackaged processed foods. As I’ve said many times before, cooking with one ingredient foods will always be the best choice. 

A great thing to do with fruit and vegetables is to go for a wide range off colours, as skittles say- ‘taste the rainbow’. This will supply you a wide range of vitamins and minerals. When deciding what vegetables to have with a meal you can use the ‘traffic light’ method, choose one red, one yellow and one green veg. To really optimised your vegetable and fruit intake aim for 5-8 servings a day, most of these servings being vegetables. 

Take some time to prepare roast vegetables dishes and salads to have with you meal, it will add so much to your meal. 

Nuts and seeds are great foods to keep stock up with. Their a awesome snack, you can blend into smoothies, use to garnish your meals. Getting a good handful of nuts and seeds a day will supply you with healthy fats, antioxidants and help protect against many diseases. 

The foods we choose in our day to day diet truly have the ability to heal, repair and rebuild the body. Along with this they also have the ability to do the complete opposite.

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