How Much of You is Determinded by Your Genetics?

90%, 50% or 5%?

It's been shown that the genes you’re born with only determine 5% of what you will end up being like, looking like and feeling. The other 95% comes from your environment; what you eat and how you live.

Let's say we have identical twins, with identical genes. If the twins grew up together they would most likely look pretty similar when they are young. One of the twins becomes an elite athlete, training every day and eating well, the other twin becomes an office worker, living a mostly sedentary lifestyle, eating mainly junk food and processed meals. Now, as you can imagine these twins will look very different, and with more and more time the differences would enlarge. It’s the environment, not genetics that cause the difference seen in twins.

Many studies have looked at identical twins and have concluded that the majority of the factors that contribute to ageing and degenerative diseases are due to the environment not the inherited genetics.

If you want to learn more about how food can affect you on a genetic level come down to our Wellbeing Clinic talk, The Power of Food on Sunday the 29th of April at 11.30am at our DP Wellbeing studio in Broughty Ferry. It's a free talk and no sign up is required.

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