The Power of Food

Food has the power to directly shape and change us at almost every level. Food is one of the only things we put into our bodies, it really has a huge effect on energy levels, health, fitness, strength and moods to name just a few.

We need to see food as fuel and in some ways we are very much like cars... If we put good fuel into our bodies and regularly maintain it, our performance should be great without breaking down. We have got to make sure that the fuel we eat is going to drive our bodies instead of slow them down.

Good nutrition has been proved countless times on having a huge effect on reducing most health diseases.

There is no quick fix to sustained long term health and fitness. You cannot diet and train for three months and expect long term health and fitness. In order for long term success you must change the way you view food and exercise. A fundamental change to your current habits is needed to move forward before you can progress with health and fitness.

Come along on Sunday, 29th of April at 11.30 a.m. at our DP Wellbeing studio in Broughty Ferry (33 Lawrence Street, opposite the M&S carpark) and join us for a free 45 minute talk, going deeper in to The Power of Food.

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