Wellbeing Clinic- Sunday the 29th of April

The Power of Food 

Have you ever wondered what food actually does to the body? 

The food we eat directly shapes and affects every part of our lives. The right food will provide you with high energy levels, increase mood as well as multiple health benefits, the wrong food can do quite the opposite. 

This talk will be 45-60 minutes long and will look at how food really does change our lives right down to our genetics! During this talk I will unravel a few nutrition myths as well as show you up to date research on how food affects us. It’s totally free too!

There are many foods that have been proven to heal us far better than the medication prescribed for the symptom. With nutrition you have to think long-term health not short term. Quick fixes for long term health and fitness by nature do not work, you must value what you put into your body as this directly relates to what comes out.

Best part its FREE! To book your place click the link below.