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  • 33 Lawrence Street
  • DD5 1es
  • Dundee

This Kids Yoga Class is a 45 minute class suitable for all children aged 5 – 8 years.

Classes will be delivered in a fun and engaging way where the emphasis is on encouraging the children to try poses without feeling pressure to do them correctly. They will learn breathing exercises and how to breathe well and deeply. They will learn how to relax and how to enjoy the feeling of relaxation. We will use small props to make the classes more interesting and to keep the children’s attention. Sometimes the children will work with a partner in the group too...partner exercises are great fun! Classes may have a particular theme; for example colours, animals, seasons, festivals or we may choose to develop a class following the children’s own interests for example the seaside, circus etc.

Children’s Yoga Classes help to develop and improve motor skills as well as physical fitness, develop awareness of the senses, enhance imagination and creativity, develop language and communication skills and build social skills.