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dp wellbeing hosts gatherings every month at the new moon, featuring healers, teachers and shamans.

New moon is a magical time to spark new and exciting beginnings. The ritual itself has the power to redirect your energy onto the path you most desire. All you need to do is to show up with an open heart and mind and a willingness to invite all possibilities.

Each gathering will consist of personal reflection, intention setting and/or collective expression.

In May we have Angela Houghton who will facilitate this gathering but we will have different people leading our collective gathering every month.

Within every woman there is a wild and natural force,

filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

Her name is Wild Woman,

but she is

an endangered species ...
— Women who run with wolves

In this New Moon Gathering we will explore through stories our true wild nature. We will also think about how nurturing our roots can help us to reconnect to ourselves, our community and our natural environments. For our activity we will make a wee seed bomb with wild flower seeds to attract pollinators and add a blast of colour to wasteland and or our own gardens.

For many the current state of our planet (ecologically, socially, economically and politically) is deeply rooted in our absence from the natural world and the parallels are clear in our culture which has for centuries suppressed the feminine qualities of dreaming, creativity, openness, nurturing and community. Much of this unique wisdom that women held has been eradicated or driven underground.

It’s no accident that this systematic suppression of the feminine has been accompanied down the centuries not only by the devaluation of all that is wild and instinctual in our natures, but by the purposeful destruction of natural ecosystems.
— If Woman Rose Rooted

But amidst this there is hope there is a bright shining light that threads us all together. We just need to remember. For many the time has come to seek new ways of community, there is a massive growth in those turning to plant based diets. The yoga movement is huge globally and more and more of us are making connections in our natural environment.

This is our time...

Who is Angela?

Angela Houghton – Wild Woman, Mother, Environmentalist and Activist.

Angela’s professional career has been shaped by her personal beliefs and vice versa.  Like most children, she had an inquisitive nature, loved creating and loved all things about the natural world.  She spent most of her childhood connected to the natural environment playing outside with long days out cycling and expeditions with friends over the bridge to Fife. In the mid 80’s she began to view the world differently, it wasn’t just her anymore the roots of activism born out of a will to create a better world for her daughter.   

In the early 90’s Angela went on to study Illustration and Graphic Design at Dundee College enjoying the freedom to engage the mind in creative processes. In 2004, she gained a BSc (hons) in Environmental Management, then went into a teaching/research fellow within the department she had studied at Dundee University. For three years she taught undergraduate students environmental management and researched sustainable communities. She gained a post graduate certificate in 2005, in learning. Teaching and assessing in Higher Education.      

In her professional career so far, she has had many successes in leading and facilitating environmental and community projects, from free-lancing in community consultations to setting up collaborative conservation projects for young people in rural areas. She was instrumentalin  developing the social enterprise the Bridgend Hostel in Callander for Callander Youth Project Trust before moving on to her current role as a partnership manager for a human rights organisation. She has just completed training through Leaders for the Future a project backed by Education Scotland to train and promote leaders in the development, growth and sustainability of the community learning sector in Scotland.  

As for her passions, the environment and nature based learning still reign high. Over the years in her spare time she has studied permaculture; bee-keeping and last year gained a qualification in Coastal Activity Leadership. She is trained to lead the John Muir Award and qualified in basic expedition leadership and as a carbon conversation facilitator. She is really keen to help individuals and communities reconnect to their natural environment. She is in the process of planning and designing some nature based activities over the coming year.



Angela 2.jpg

When she is not working, she is a keen outdoor wonderer, crafter and creator. She is also passionate about food, a vegetarian for over 25 years. Yoga for Angela starts in the kitchen and helps reconnect the body and mind with our true nature which is intrinsically linked to our natural world.


This session is offered through mindful payment. We ask you to reflect on your experience after the workshop and pay a sum that you feel expresses the value you received and are happy to pay.

How do I know how much to pay?

Like any creative endeavour, we don’t think there is one way to do mindful payment ‘right’. Here are some questions you can start with:
- What did you learn this experience?
- How much do you pay for other things in your life?
- The experience was invaluable but I can’t afford that much… What do I do?

We believe that mindful payments are about more than just the cash value. All payments are graciously received as a piece of your self-expression in a non-judgemental way.

Thank you.