Mcintosh Process


Mcintosh Process


We empower you understand your injury confidently within 90 days, so you can enjoy exercise without living every hour in pain


Right exercise can change how you feel

Trying to recover from pain while increasing strength and energy is hard. There is a solution though, with the right type of exercises, nutrition and coaching we can reduce pain and feel strong and energetic.


The community

Our fun energetic, supportive community will educate you to make life long changes and will support you in reaching your health and fitness goals. We ensure our participants get results through educating you about nutrition, work/life balance and exercise


Change your mindset

We assess your needs at the start and tailor exercises according to your injury or fitness levels.

We work on balancing the body by;

- Strengthening weak areas / stretching tight areas

- Reinforcing good posture

- Fuelling our body from inside out

- Looking at life/work balance


What do you get?

- Life changing results

- Small group (up to 6 people)

- Workouts twice a week

- Monthly coaching

- Gaining new friends

- Outstanding accountability

- Skill building to win the day

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Training in a small group of 6 people spreads the cost of your personal training and gives you more for your money. You can train twice a week (60 minutes) get nutritional advice, home exercises and all the other benefits of personal training for as little as £120pm

Don't just take our word for it


Close to your home

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