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anatomy mentorship


anatomy mentorship

Whether you are a teacher or instructor or a fitness addict, our anatomy mentorship program will unlock the mysteries of the human body in a real and relevant way to keep you practicing and teaching for all the years to come and not be afraid of injuries and problems. 

You don’t have to be an expert or academic to be a kickass instructor. But you do want to know enough to see students’ bodies and teach with confidence. This mentorship is your investment in the longevity and quality of your career or personal practice.

Who is this mentoRship for?

Are you an instructor? Do you practice anything from sport, to yoga, to Les Mills stuff at the gym? Do you have injuries, have been injured, are people in your class suffering from different injuries or problems? Does the idea of a slipped disc freak you out? This mentorship is definitely for you.

how we'll lern?

You will have four 5-hour sessions over the period of 3 months. In each session you will exercise (it will be a rehab session) you will have lectures, practicals and group work. In addition you will get homework and simple case studies.  

Why study anatomy?

We believe that if you teach people anything from dance to yoga to self defense, even if is just a part of your profession or life, knowing anatomy is absolutely essential.

Moreover, knowledge of anatomy is invaluable to your own physical wellbeing as well as vital, career-enriching goodness. It’s also a sure sign to your students that you care deeply.

What knowledge will you gain?

At the end of your mentorship you should know the skeletal system with very basic landmarks such as ASIS or greater trochanter of the femur, you should know main muscle groups and be able to tell where they are and what they do and the most common dysfunctions. We are going to focus on the spine, pelvis and the shoulder and talk in detail about common injuries, what they are, what often causes them and how we can help. We believe that as instructors it’s not our role to diagnose or cure but to support, to keep people safe and work with other specialists in bringing the strength and balance. Fitness as well as yoga foundation trainings incorporate very little anatomy and there is the danger that bad instruction will make an injury worse. We believe in working closely with health care professionals in restoring people's health. As a result we want to create a bridge between us and specialists such as GPs, physiotherapist and chiropractors as we could do so much more if we worked together. People listen to fitness instructors as they simply see them more often and create a bond much faster therefore it’s even more important for us to know when and where to refer our clients and how to support them when they are undergoing specialist treatment. 

why study with us?

We take an interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach to teaching anatomy and welcome practitioners of all styles and fitness regimes. 

Most importantly, we teach this because we ultimately want to help regular people experience a better life.


5 November - Hip

3 December - Spine

7 January & 21 January - biomechanics, disfunction & more. 

Who is daria?

Your mentor is Daria Wall, a yoga teacher and massage therapist, who has treated hundreds of musculoskeletal and fascial conditions, teaches yoga full time and continues to study anatomy every day. Daria obtained her 500hr anatomy and biomechanics of the body training with Yoga Medicine led by Tiffany Cruikshank, foundation yoga training with Ana Forrest and is finishing Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma. Over the past years she has done an advanced Thai Massage training in Thailand, cadaver labs and anatomy training. She absolutely loves anatomy!

Who are our visiting teachers?

In this training we have invited two guest speakers: a physiotherapist and a chiropractor to deliver lectures and make you understand what they do and how we can work and support each other in helping people live a healthy and injury-free life.  


Alison Knight 

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner Rheumatology, NHS Tayside 

Brenna Strasser

Doctor of Chiropractic. Associate Chiropractor at Alba Chiropractic 


To register please fill in the application form. The full course costs £350, to secure a spot please pay a £150 deposit below and an outstanding balance a month before the course starts. 

You can also purchase one of the modules

Hip module - £130

Spine module - £130


Terms and conditions

Specific details and dates are subject to change. Participation in this program is subject to our Terms and Conditions. You will need regular internet access and we recommend at least 6 dedicated hours weekly to integrate materials. We highly recommend scheduling a regular time in your calendar to learn and study.

No Medical Advice

No information provided by or facilitated by DP Wellbeing or participating instructors should be interpreted as individualised or group medical advice.

Refund Policy

This course in non refundable however can be transferred to another participant from the waiting list. To reserve your space you will need to pay a £150 deposit. We only take maximum 9 mentees. 

What happens if I miss a session?

You need to attend all four sessions, if you are unable then you are still going to receive your handouts and there will be an hour long catch up consultation available for £50. We do encourage you to attend all sessions as this is the best way to learn and gain new experience.

I teach kids not adults, will this mentorship be relevant?

This mentorship mainly focuses on adult anatomy with references to growth, development and embryology. Problems we had as children often affect our health as adults. Children differ from adults anatomically, physiologically, cognitively and psychologically so we cannot squeeze all of this during this mentorship however kids are still humans and to certain extent understanding anatomy will help with actually ‘seeing’ the little humans you are working with. Children sustain sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, injuries to teeth and jaw joints, ankles and knees. Knowing what the Osgood-Schlatter disease is, or even how Morton’s toe can affect your balance and future health of your knees and hip joints may shed a lot of light on problems that may potentially look minimal and understated.

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